Notifier graduates from Beta!

March 12, 2024    |    Notifier
Notifier graduates from Beta! image

After an extended beta period, Notifier has officially graduated! 🎉

Top highlights of the formal release include:

We've simultaneously released Notifier v1.0 for Craft 4, along with Notifier v2.0 for Craft 5. Both versions will be fully supported until the release of Craft 6 (likely in 2026).

Brand New UX

It became clear during the beta that our homemade UX was both confusing and limited... sorry about that.

Capitalizing on Craft's strengths, we decided to create Notification Elements. Using elements provides a familiar interface for managing Notifications and opens up a wide range of native capabilities.

New Message Types

In addition to email, we've added three new types of messages:

Worth noting that a separate Twilio account will be required for sending text messages.

Beyond the new message types, we've also added a few new event types and recipient types.

Advanced Logging

We used this opportunity to completely overhaul the message logging system. Instead of logging to a flat text file, the system now logs to a database table. Log messages are related to each other, making it easier to follow the path of an outgoing notification.

Graduation Day

While the official non-beta release ended up being significantly different than the long-standing beta version, we are extremely proud of all the architectural decisions that were made. The plugin is much better equipped to evolve smoothly, making it easier for us to add just about any new event types, message types, and recipient types.

We hope you enjoy what Notifier has become, and watch as it continues to mature. 🎓

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