Craft 5 Plugin Retirements

May 24, 2024    |    Spoon
Craft 5 Plugin Retirements image

What a long, strange trip it's been... from the early days of Craft 1, to the sleek modern UX of Craft 5. We are excited to announce that the changes in Craft 5 effectively make Spoon, Matrix Colors, and Inventory obsolete!

Before going any further, let's pause to say that these plugins will still be supported for Craft 4. We will continue to maintain support for them until Craft 6 is eventually released a few years from now.


Originally developed by Josh Angell, this plugin was born as Pimp My Matrix way back on Craft 2. For Craft 3, it was rebuilt and re-released as Spoon, the Matrix-bending plugin we've all come to know and love. In 2022, Josh ventured off to other interests, and graciously bestowed Spoon into the custody of Double Secret Agency.

But with the generous UX enhancements of Craft 5, Spoon is no longer necessary! The underlying "entrification" of Matrix Blocks has lead to a brand new interface, which replaces most of what Spoon had been providing.

Matrix Colors

Much like Spoon, the functionality provided by Matrix Colors is now native to Craft itself. In addition to colors, Craft 5 also gives us icons! While the plugin has served us well since Craft 2, the time has finally come to say farewell.


Originally built for Craft 2, we no longer require Inventory to keep track of where our fields are being used. Craft 5 now includes native reporting of field usage, which can be seen when you are editing an individual field.

Goodnight, sweet plugins!

With these being officially retired, we'll have a bit more time and resources to dedicate to our other finely crafted plugins. But if you still require support for their Craft 4 versions, feel free to reach out!

Lastly, thank you to everyone who has been a fan of these plugins over the years. 👴🏼

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