Craft Plugins

No need to reinvent the wheel! Get the job done quicker with some help from our Craft CMS plugins.

Icon of Google Maps plugin

Google Maps

Maps in minutes. Powered by the Google Maps API.

Icon of Notifier plugin


Send custom Twig messages when Craft events get triggered.

Icon of Ad Wizard plugin

Ad Wizard

Easily manage custom advertisements on your website.

Icon of Upvote plugin


Lets your users upvote/downvote, "like", or favorite any type of element.

Icon of Star Ratings plugin

Star Ratings

An easy to use and highly flexible ratings system.

Icon of View Count plugin

View Count

Count the number of times an element has been viewed.

Icon of Digital Download plugin

Digital Download

Provide secure digital download links to your files.

Icon of Smart Map plugin

Smart Map (retired, use Google Maps instead)

The Smart Map plugin has been retired. Use the new Google Maps plugin instead.

Free Plugins

Our free plugins are a staple of the community, geared towards improving your experience in the Craft control panel.

Icon of Control Panel CSS plugin

Control Panel CSS

Add custom CSS to your Control Panel.

Icon of Control Panel JS plugin

Control Panel JS

Add custom JavaScript to your Control Panel.

Icon of CP Body Classes plugin

CP Body Classes

Adds special classes to the Control Panel's <body> tag.

Icon of Matrix Colors plugin

Matrix Colors

Give each Matrix block type a different color.

Icon of Inventory plugin


Take stock of your field usage.

Icon of Site Switcher plugin

Site Switcher

Easily switch between sites on any page of your website.

Icon of Bootstrap plugin


Build your site with the Bootstrap front-end framework.

Still working with our Craft 2 plugins?

You can reach out to us for direct support with license transfers and upgrade recommendations.