Meet Notifier, a Craft CMS notification hub

August 24, 2021    |    Notifier
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"I want to send a message to X when Y happens."

Want to let your audience know when a new post is available? Need to alert an admin when something changes? Whatever your case may be, there are a lot of great reasons to send a message based on events in Craft.

The new Notifier plugin makes it easy to send Twig-based messages to just about anyone, based on certain events occurring within Craft. For example...

  • When an Entry is saved → Send an email to specified Users

This is just one basic example, the possibilities are nearly endless!

Triggers - Send a message based on Craft events. As a beta release (see below), the plugin is currently limited only to the "On Save Entry" event. More event triggers are coming soon, feel free to request specific events!

Messages - Select what kind of message you'd like to send, and which Twig template will be used to generate it. While in beta (see below), the plugin currently only supports email messages, however our roadmap includes SMS support before we formally transition to v1.0.

Recipients - Select from several predefined groups, or generate a custom collection of message recipients. Choose from a set of Users, or specify a batch of email addresses.

Fully Documented

Every feature of the plugin is completely documented in detail. We believe that strong documentation is part of what makes a plugin good. Feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback regarding the docs.

Message Log

In order to keep track of what's happening, a detailed logging system is built in. You can see whether or not your messages are being sent out, and get a sense of any issues that come up.

Beta Release

As noted above, we are soft launching this plugin in beta. It is already extremely stable, however it is missing (in our opinion) a few key features. Before moving from beta to the formal 1.0 release, we intend to:

  • Add more event triggers.
  • Add support for SMS (text messages).

Once those two features are in place, we will be updating to v1.0!

Half price while in beta!

In the meantime, we're offering the plugin at a reduced rate until these features can be added. Please enjoy this plugin at the reduced price of $49 ($19/yr). Once version 1.0 is released, the price will be raised to $99 ($39/yr).

We greatly value community feedback, and wanted to put this plugin in your hands as soon as possible. Thanks for giving it a shot, we look forward to hearing your feedback! 🔔

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