Presenting: Our new website!

December 30, 2020    |    Double Secret Agency
Presenting: Our new website! image

What a wild ride 2020 has been! As a company, Double Secret Agency has been very fortunate to have such a great slate of clients and customers with whom to weather the storm. But before this year draws to a close, there is just one more surprise in store... We have launched our brand new website!

Our old site ran smoothly for half a decade and served us well, but it was getting a bit long in the tooth. It was still running on Craft 2 (😱), full of custom plugins, abandoned plugins, and was proving to be increasingly difficult to maintain. The obvious next step was to modernize everything. We're happy to say that this brand new site is powered by the latest Craft 3, with Tailwind and Alpine playing large supporting roles.

As a nice side benefit, the upgrade gave us the opportunity to migrate our entire collection of plugin documentation over to the Vuepress framework. Each plugin is now bundled with its own documentation, which means it's more portable, and gives folks an opportunity to discuss the documentation on Github. And while the docs have received a complete visual overhaul, they provide the same helpful content as before.

Moving forward, we have some very big plans in store. Our most popular plugins will be receiving a lot of attention, with exciting new releases in the pipeline. We're also scheduled to give Work With Craft a significant overhaul. There are so many exciting things planned for the future, we can't wait to share them all with you!

We are incredibly excited about what 2021 (and beyond) has to offer! With all that we have planned, we know that there is much more on the horizon, and we are truly delighted to see what the Craft community continues to offer. Thanks to everyone who supports our products and services, we are grateful for all the wonderful people in the Craft community, and look forward to many more productive years working together. 🍺

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