Introducing the new Mapbox plugin

May 23, 2023    |    Mapbox
Introducing the new Mapbox plugin image

It's been nearly a decade since we started working with maps in Craft, so in some ways this day felt inevitable. We have turned our map-making skills in a new direction, and are proud to introduce the new Mapbox plugin for Craft CMS!

Dynamic Maps in minutes with the Mapbox API

While it's of course possible to use the Mapbox API without a plugin, this tool makes it significantly quicker and easier to interact with the native API. Plus, it includes a host of features (like generating a map in Twig) that simply can't be done with JavaScript alone.

The example below shows a dynamic map, with multiple marker icons and a popup, all generated via Twig...

Universal API works in JavaScript, Twig, and PHP

No matter which programming language you are using, it's possible to generate the same complex dynamic maps, courtesy of the universal API.

For comparison, here's an example of the same map being generated with JavaScript, Twig, and PHP...

An easy-to-use Address Field

To keep track of everything, the plugin includes an Address field which uses the Mapbox Search API to perform geocoding lookups. Here's a glimpse of what it's capable of...

Let your imagination run wild

We've used the native Mapbox API as a starting point, and built a sophisticated tool geared specifically towards Craft CMS development. You'll find that it's possible to quickly create complex and dynamic maps.

As always, we'll be bringing our trademark support for this new plugin. If you have any questions or comments at all, feel free to reach out to us on your Mapbox journey. ⛵

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