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The map isn't appearing at all

Check your DOM to see if the map container has been generated. If it has, then you're probably facing a simple CSS issue. By default, the "height" of a div will be zero... So even though the container is there, it isn't visible.

Ways to fix it:

  • Add a "height" value to your map options.
  • Set the height of ".smartmap-mapcanvas" in your style sheet.

It says "Loading map…" but the map never loads

Looks like something is wrong with your JavaScript. Open your browser's console to try to locate the problem.

If nothing is showing up in the browser's console, you may be using Craft's cache tag in Twig. There is a known bug in Craft in which plugins are unable to have their JavaScript loaded from cache.

Way to fix it:

  • Omit your Smart Map tags from your caching. End the caching tag before the Smart Map tag, then restart the cache afterwards. This will allow the plugin to properly trigger its JavaScript every time.

I can see the map, but it isn't fully loading

It's possible that you are simply missing Google API keys.

Take a look at the full instructions for generating API keys, and adding them to Smart Map.

I'm loading the map inside a hidden element

When the map gets initially loaded inside a hidden element, it may need to be refreshed when that element becomes visible. Fortunately, it's very easy to trigger a map refresh:


The above code assumes that your map ID is set the the default "smartmap-mapcanvas-1". If not, simply replace that string with your actual map ID.