While it won't be a perfect fit for every client, we offer an ongoing maintenance agreement to provide stability and predictability for your projects over the long-term.

Prioritized Customer Service

As a maintenance customer, your requests will be prioritized over all others. It may be hard to tell the difference though, since our customer service is already pretty solid.

Uptime Monitoring

We'll make sure that your site stays online. Our notification system will alert us if the site becomes unresponsive, and we will move quickly to get things back online before you even notice the outage.

Regular Site Updates

All software needs to be updated on a regular basis. When you've got a maintenance agreement with us, we can keep all of the underlying software (including CMS and plugins) up-to-date.

Keeping everything current is also the best way to approach security. Regularly planned updates are far better than a giant emergency update when you are least prepared for it.

Guarantee of Consistency

By guaranteeing a certain number of work hours per month, it brings consistency and predictability for both the client (you) and the agency (us).

Optional Hosting Services

If you do not have an existing hosting arrangement, we would be happy to host your site on our servers, free of additional charge.

Regular Site Backups

Assuming you choose to host with us, your site will be configured for complete regular backups. The database will also be configured for daily backups to Amazon S3 cloud storage.