Star Ratings

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Output a set of locked stars

Render a set of stars to display a rating at the specified value...


For example, if you needed to get the collective average of your element's attributes, it might look something like this:

{% set avgComfort  = craft.starRatings.avgRating(hotel.id, 'comfortable') %}
{% set avgClean    = craft.starRatings.avgRating(hotel.id, 'clean') %}
{% set avgFriendly = craft.starRatings.avgRating(hotel.id, 'friendlyStaff') %}

{% set avgEverything = (avgComfort + avgClean + avgFriendly) / 3 %}

<p>Grand Average: {{ craft.starRatings.lockedStars(avgEverything) }}</p>

Outputting "lockedStars" will render a normal set of stars, locked in at the value you've specified. It will not be possible for your users to click on stars in this set.