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Region Biasing

Sometimes your location lookups won't properly match the expected target. This is generally because the specified target shares a similar name as a more well-known area.

EXAMPLE: You have visitors searching for "venice" (the city in California). But there's a more famous Venice in the world (the city in Italy), and therefore the Italian city takes precedence.

You can specify which region to hone in on by using the components option...

{% set target = "Venice" %}

{% set params = {
    'target': target,
    'range': 100,
    'components': {
        'country': 'US',
        'administrative_area': 'California',
} %}

{% set entries = craft.entries.myFieldHandle(params).order('distance').all() %}

You can use the following parameters for components:

  • route
  • locality
  • administrative_area
  • postal_code
  • country

Read the official Google docs on Component Filtering...