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"Positions" has changed to "Groups"


As the Ad Wizard plugin has evolved, it's become clear that the term "position" is simply too limiting.

When outputting an ad group, the default technique is to randomly select an ad from a group to be displayed in a specified position. But as users begin to experiment with new ways of displaying their ads, the term "position" has become too restricting. It's often more convenient to think of these ads as being part of a group, instead of simply locked to a specific position.

What do I need to do?

The ad and position variables have been completely removed in Craft 3.

The old "ad" variable has been deprecated, and replaced with the new "displayAd" variable.


{{ craft.adWizard.ad(42) }}


{{ craft.adWizard.displayAd(42) }}

The old "position" variable has been deprecated, and replaced with the new "randomizeAdGroup" variable.


{{ craft.adWizard.position('rightSidebar') }}


{{ craft.adWizard.randomizeAdGroup('rightSidebar') }}

Just as it did before, this variable will output a random ad from the selected group.